Freya’s speech has improved tremendously since attending sessions with Judy. She loves and looks forward to her therapy sessions as they are carried out in an interactive, fun way. Judy has built a wonderful relationship with Freya and always manages to keep her on task. She has provided myself as a parent with a variety of strategies to support Freya’s language development and has even let me video her to support Freya’s learning at home.                                             (Freya’s mummy)

Judy is such a positive force in our son’s life! We didn’t have a great experience when he was first assessed by an NHS speech therapist. It all felt quite negative and unhelpful, and the speech therapist who did the assesment was completely unable to engage with our son. Then our son’s teacher recommended Judy, and she has been amazing from day one. As soon as we read Judy’s first assesment we could tell that she had taken the time to get to know our boy and to assess him properly. Judy’s reports are always thorough, professional and realistic; she is able to pinpoint exactly what our son’s strenghts and weaknesses are; she advises us on how to help him, and her weekly sessions with him has made a massive difference – not only has his speech and language improved tremendously, but so has his social skills and his self-confidence. On top of that, she has a great way with children and our son absolutely loves her. He’s always excited to see her, which is great for his motivation. Really, all children should have a Judy in their lives!                                     (F’s Parents)

The quality and enunciation of my son’s speech has improved tenfold since he started seeing Judy for speech classes. I am very impressed by the way that she manages to hold his attention and keep him engaged in various learning activities all whilst making it seem fun. My son looks forward to her classes. She was recommended to us and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to others.
(M. Patel – Bushey, Herts.)

My son has been seeing Judy for over three years during school hours. Although we are not present at the sessions she explains exactly what she has covered in the session and how our child has responded in every task they covered. We always get detailed feedback after every session.

His sessions are well organised and more importantly enjoyable. Our son looks forward to them just as much as we look forward to hearing about his progress.

He has made great progress with Judy over the years in terms of accessing the curiculum and boosting his self confidence immensely. He engages more with his peers and there is a marked improvement in how he approaches his work.  Judy has provided him and us with strategies to make his tasks less daunting and more approachable. With Judy’s help he has been able to overcome  any challenge or unfamiliar situation in school. She has always been patient and encouraging with him (and us).

Judy has been instrumental in getting him where he is today, she sets him to acheive his full potential.                                                                                                                      (A’s Parents)